Words have been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Words of songs, words of Scripture, encouraging words, play constantly through my mind. My love of words has often caused me to write. Poetry, songs, stories, and most currently, a book, are what I write when my home is quiet and my mind stirs. I pray God will use my words to encourage and inspire YOU and mostly remind you- He sees you. He IS watching and KNOWS all things. Nothing is hidden from His gaze. His compassion, love for you and unfathomable wisdom are always available to you. He hears the weakest cry.
As a single woman with a rich life, I will write occasionally as God compels me. Jesus Christ changed my heart and began renewing my mind through the penetrating truths of the Bible on December 14, 1997. My journey before and since has been painful, glorious, adventurous and never boring!

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