Grown Woman, Child-like Faith

By Candace Lyons

In Your arms, I stay.

Held by You, hemmed in on every side.

Safe and protected, by You alone.

Warm and comforted, I lay.

Eye to eye, face to face,

You see me.

Nothing is hidden from Your gaze.

No need, a surprise to You.

When I cry out,

You are present, already knowing.

You understand all of me.

You teach me my ways.

In Your gaze, I walk this path

made straight by You.

As a mother carefully guides her little one,

You carefully winnow the way for me.

I can trust You for everything,

every moment of every day.

You are here, eye-to-eye, face-to-face,

fully knowing, able to carry me.

Your arms are always around me.

I am carried through this land of the living.

You never let go, never turn away.

Your Mother’s love for me is always present

Tenderly, You teach me,

filling my small mind with thoughts of You,

growing me in wisdom and grace.

You lead me, hand in Hand, slowly, carefully.

There is nothing but love in You.

Your eyes cherish the picture of my every detail.

When I laugh or cry or fall and play,

You cover me in Your mercy.

I am loved, fully loved.

As a baby is held, You hold me so close.

My heartbeats are heard by You.

My every thought, understood.

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