A Good Father

This morning I prayed, “Lord, will you teach me about your Father’s heart for me?”….. I was listening to one of my favorite local pastors on the radio. He was teaching about “waiting”, which made me internally chuckle as I just wrote about that in my prior note. He was reading from the book of John, in the Bible, where Mary and Martha called for Jesus’ help because their brother Lazareth was “sick unto death”. The pastor described how Jesus heard the news and stayed where He was for 2 more days (in order to glorify God). There was a description of how Martha met Jesus and told Him if He had come sooner, her brother would not be dead. But, Mary did not go out to meet Jesus. Her grief was great. I suspect she was full of many questions too. “Why did He wait?” ” Why would He not come when I needed Him?”

Last night I watched the movie, Pursuit of Happiness, with Will Smith and his actual, real life son. As I was thinking about the story in John, I remembered the relationship between the father and son. If you have seen the movie, you will remember how the mother leaves the family in the middle of the night, without even saying goodbye to her boy. Then, the father and son have to leave their familiar surroundings of home and go to a hotel. Later they are out of money and sleep in a subway restroom. Then, they are in a homeless shelter. The movie is NOT about happiness, just for the record. There is absolutely NOTHING happy about this movie. But, I did come away with some Biblical truths regarding the relationship on-screen and how it relates to my relationship with Jesus.

Several times in the movie, the boy cries out loudly, “DAD! Where are we going???? Dad! Where are we going?”

I feel like that sometimes. The thing I like about this question is it contains the word WE. The Lord promises to never leave us or forsake us. No matter where I am, He is always there too. WE go together.

In response, the father often asked the son, “Do you trust me?” “Do you trust me?” The son exclaims he does. He had no certainty for his future, but he knew his Dad. He knew he loved him. He knew he took care of him. He trusted him. Even though his own mother had abandoned him, he saw the heart of his Dad.

I think this is the Father Heart of God. He says the same thing to me. “Candace, do you trust me?” And I have to say, no matter how hard my circumstances are, no matter if I am sick, lacking money, wondering about the future, not understanding so many things… I do. I trust Him. He has always been with me. He has always provided for me. He has always loved me.

My favorite scene in the movie is when both Will Smith’s character and his son are in another homeless shelter. They have really hit bottom. There is no immediate help in sight. And then, as he is tucking the son into bed, the little boy reaches up and puts his hands on his father’s face. He looks at him and says, “You’re a good Papa.” I love that. He knew his Dad. He remembered the GOOD.

I think, on this day, no matter what our circumstances are, we can look up and say the same thing, “You’re a good Papa”.



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